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Are you a property owner or manager?  Did you know that lack of Pro-Active Maintenance is often the leading cause of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Mold problems?  Not only do mold problems cost owners and managers lost revenue in lost rent and repair fees, but molds (fungi) often actually damage the structure of a building.

Would you like your maintenance staff to learn how to recognize problems early on, before they end up costing you thousands of dollars?  Would you like to learn how to better maintain your properties for better durability, longevity, and a greater return on your investment dollar?  

Through on-site consulting services, or customized training courses for you, your group, or for your management and maintenance staff, you can reverse the course of never-ending maintenance headaches and high repair costs and enjoy the returns that a valuable property should be providing.

An Introduction to Mold and Mold Remediation
 Building Maintenance and Management Practices for Indoor Air Quality 

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